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2021 Gift Guide for Adults

    We are just a few weeks away from the Holidays and I wanted to throw together another list to inspire your gifting ideas.  Here is A Gift Guide for Adults.  There should be something here for everyone, dad/mom, brother, sister, aunts, and uncles.  Also, here is a tip for you, I’d expect the malls to be crazy right now so take advantage of that curbside pickup whenever possible!  Not only will that decrease the amount of time (just buy online!) but it will also curb excessive gifting  Oh! And everything here is under $100!

    2021 Gift Guide for Adults

    2021 Gift Guide - Main+Walnut -
    2021 Gift Guide for Adults by Main + Walnut.

    Oh! One more thing, the Josh Pinot Noir is amazing and generally under $16 so get a few extra bottles (you know, to gift away…yea right).

    Happy Holidays!

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