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9 Beautiful Mid-Century Dining Chairs

    Mid-Century Dining Chairs

    Finding the right chair to complete the look of your dining room can be a daunting task.  I just drove around to five local shops for chairs that I need for a project and came up empty!  While I was thinking about what to put into this post, I kept thinking of customers browsing the showroom at West Elm, Lincoln Park.  I could see the confusion and frustration about what size furniture fits their space. Because of that, this post was quickly turning into a “how-to guide”, so I thought it would be nice to create a How to Design a Perfect Scaled Dining Room post also.

    I’ve always been fascinated with seating, especially mid-century chairs.  (Which is completely obvious if you follow my Pinterest board for chairs.)  You can create a lot of interest, elevation, and drama with just the right choice of seating.  There are so many fabric/wood options, heights, arm styles, head chair vs side chair options and not to mention all the genres of styles.  Selecting the right chair is crucial to perfect that “look” you were targeting, but also for the comfort of your guests.

    Here are a few curated chairs to go with our Get the Look inspirational image of Mid-Century Dining Chairs.

    Mid-Centry Dining Chairs - Main and Walnut

    9 Mid-Century Dining Chair

    One of these Dining Chairs could definitely help Get the Look shown in our feature image.

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