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For the love of Mid-Century Dining Tables

    For the love of Mid-Century

    If I had to categorize my favorite style of design it would currently be a hybrid of Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian Design.  I immediately fell in love with the return of this style during my career as a Visual Merchandiser for the very popular, young adult-focused brand, West Elm.  I had seen many styles blossom from Boho, Glam/Lux, to Industrial, but it was Mid-Century Modern (MDM) that was my absolute favorite.  It is entirely possible that Mad Men helped catapult this style into popularity, but who really knows.

    Mid-Century Dining Tables

    This post serves as the start of a segment to introduce Mid-Century furniture into your home.  Starting with Mid-Century Dining Tables and continue with the components needed to finalize the room; such as chairs, buffets, rugs, and lighting!  At the end of this segment, I am going to pull an inspirational image and create the same look for less money — which is always a win.  Stay tuned and follow along with our blog!

    Shop Local

    Before we begin, I would also like to give a shout-out to all the vintage shop owners that travel and curate unique pieces to showcase.  Most of the time, you can reach out to the owners and give them an idea of what you are looking for and they will keep an eye out for a piece that suits your needs.  The dining tables shown below are from various big-box retailers, but when you can please shop local.

    If you are in the Louisville, KY market, here are a few places I love to browse:

    • Green Collar Studio, 3139 Preston Highway – IG: greencollarstudio [closed as of March 2022]
    • Retro Metro, 1860 Melwood – IG: retrometro502
    • River City Retro, Shelby Park Neighborhood – IG: river_city_retro
    • No Direction Home – 2509 Grinstead Drive – IG: nodirectionhomeky

    I currently have ordered the Extra Deep Mid-Century Expandable Dining Table from West Elm.  While the table is not vintage, the extra depth of this table is ideal to allow for a decent size centerpiece and plenty of room for up to 12 guests.  This West Elm table is featured in the image from their site here:

    Mid-Century Dining Tables -

    Dining Tables