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Today is the day you rid yourself of anything that distracts from your best life.

Joshua Becker, The Minimalist Home


Home Organization Services


We’ve Moved!

 In order to streamline our services, we have launched a new site specifically for our professional Home Organization and Moving Day Services.   Organize Louisville as the new destination to learn about these services and book your consultation.

We organize rooms of all sizes.  Including pantries, kitchens, closets, and kids’ playrooms.  We specialize in creating functional and sustainable systems. We can help you:

  • De-clutter.  We can help you sort through your belongings as you decide on which items to keep, donate, or toss.
  • Organize a pantry, closet, or entire room.
  • Build functional systems in your home that are sustainable.
  • Shop for suitable items that help with organizing your space.
  • Create a transformative and beautiful space.

Our goal is to create a functional space that is sustainable for long-term use.  We want you to love your home!

Interior Design

Our design philosophy is simple: your home should be a reflection of you.  You’ve been curating your favorite items your entire life.  It’s time we display the things you love and tie them in with a beautiful and welcoming space.  

Check out our Interior Design Services!

The Latest

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